A star mine
A star mine (Photo: prelude2000 / CC BY-ND 2.0)

Teganuma Fireworks 2024

Stunning fireworks display over Teganuma

Elizabeth S   - 1 min read
Venue : Teganuma Marsh When : Early Aug 2024

Teganuma, the wide marsh between Abiko and Kashiwa Cities in northern Chiba Prefecture, is usually a quiet place for hiking and fishing, but for one night in August, it explodes with an enormous, eye-popping spectacle - the Teganuma Fireworks Festival.

Held jointly by the two cities, this event fires 13,500 shots easily seen from all around the lake, and best viewed from three designated spots. This event, identified as s prefectural cultural asset, features underwater fireworks and ultra jumbo star mines that create a stunning display. Also popular are mines that depict animation characters and mascots.

The two bridges that cross the marsh are closed for viewing, but there are plenty of good spots to watch from. The easiest but very crowded route is 10 minutes south of Abiko Station. Alternatively, walk downhill 25 minutes from Kita-Kashiwa Station, and you will find the wide cycling and walking road that rings the marsh. Bring your fan, drinks, and maybe don a yukata and gaze up into the wide night sky for this well-loved fireworks display.

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