You have to be there very early in the morning to find the bridge empty (Photo: Josef Diermair)

Hirosaki in Cherry Blossom Season

Go early in the morning to one of Japan's best spots

Josef Diermair   - 1 min read


Hirosaki Castle is closed annually for winter, from November 24th to March 31st.

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Hirosaki in Aomori Prefecture is known for its Cherry Blossom Festival held in the park surrounding Hirosaki Castle. A fairly huge park, I must say. The blossom peak is during the Japanese "Golden Week" vacation period (late April-early May). So expect lots and lots of people. If you come early in the morning, say by 5 am, (this is what I did) then you can find a nice quiet spot. Also, early in the morning, the light and color are at their best!

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