Hotel Naqua City Hirosaki (Photo: Hotel Naqua City Hirosaki)

Art Hotel – Hirosaki City

Comfort and convenience in Hirosaki, Aomori

Hotel Naqua City Hirosaki (Photo: Hotel Naqua City Hirosaki)
Sarah Endarastya   - 3 min read

Art Hotel Hirosaki City is a perfect choice as your place to stay while on a business trip or holiday in Aomori Prefecture. With its convenient location, there is excellent access to famous tourist spots. A few of these spots include Hirosaki Castle which hosts one of the most famous cherry blossoms festival in Japan, Iwakiyama Shrine, which is located at the peak of Mount Iwaki, and Hirosaki Apple Park, a great place to pick and taste apple related products.

Apart from its excellent location, Art Hotel Hirosaki City offers several excellent amenities. There is an exclusive tea lounge that provides a variety of teas, coffees, and special desserts from Hirosaki such as the very tasty apple pie. There is also a bridal salon, photo studio, bride's room, dressing room, and of course a complete bar and restaurant that serves Japanese, Western and Oriental dishes. Every day you are provided with large selection of delicious foods including sushi, sashimi, vegetables, fish, meat, ice cream and panna cotta to name a few. There are also, of course, a huge selection of local foods including several that use apples as ingredients.

If you have a long day exploring Hirosaki City, you can also try the massage services at this hotel including in-room massage or massage rooms. An indoor pool and gym are also available for guests and there is a shopping center building connected to the hotel for convenience.

Guests are certainly pampered while staying at this hotel. The managers and every member of the staff was very friendly and helpful. Many also speak a high level of English which was a pleasant surprise. The staff are very happy to help you find a place you want to visit or recommend sites that you must visit while in Hirosaki City.

With a perfect fusion between traditional style, natural beauty, and modernity, Art Hotel Hirosaki City provides banquet halls, ceremonial halls, and the sky chapel for guests. If you are lucky, you can also see the beautiful Mount Iwaki from your room or the calming cityscape of Hirosaki City.

Of all of the hotels visited in Japan, this hotel performed the best in location, comfort, and friendliness of the staff. I highly recommend this hotel as your place to stay while visiting Hirosaki to fully enjoy your visit of this wonderful city.

Getting there

Conveniently located right next to Hirosaki station.

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